As the capabilities of technology hardware and networking increase, it is important that new software is created to take full advantage of these capabilities.
VectaVision Inc. is a leading developer of this new software creating innovative high quality solutions.

Many industries such as Security, Health, Automotive, Document Management, Engineering, and Banking rely heavily on the use of such technology. Identifying problems and creating smart solutions within each industry is a key to VectaVision 's success.

To benefit the growth of XML and networking(high speed & wireless) in industry, VectaVision has developed a powerful graphic software engine to allow defined pieces (vector objects) of a document, graphic, or photograph to travel as part of all data. This is possible due the engine's output of a Scalable Vector Graphic (Standard SVG) file as a truly accurate representation of the required input.

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - whether in engineering, financial, healthcare or security, businesses today rely on the capture, processing and use of pictures. In today's world that means digital images. But in a world where time is money, the digital images used today are in a form which is unnecessarily costly, slow and cumbersome: pixels.

Pixels are an unintelligent and artificial way of describing real world objects. They are difficult to handle, take large amounts of storage space, and take a long time to transmit. Pixel images (also called "bitmaps") create bottlenecks in information flow, presenting a major obstacle to the wider adoption and use of digital images. Imaging technology solutions marketed today use various techniques to squeeze greater value out of pixels, by compressing images, upgrading storage and network infrastructure, or reducing the number of images used.

However, none of these band-aids address the fundamental problem with pixels - that they can only be looked at, and not used. VectaVision has taken a completely different approach to digital images - taking relevant groups of pixels out of images, and converting to vector objects. This process allows for pictures to become useful images.

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