VectaVision Software

The Only 100% Accurate Vector Converter

The VectaVision Engine vectorizes and prepares any graphic or pictorial content for efficient bandwidth use, from cellular (low) all the way up to broadband (high).

Discover the real potentials of SVG and XML

Single Sourcing
SVG allows to use one single source for numerical data, text, illustrations, photos, photo objects, and animations .

Input - jpeg, png or tiff and then clean, smooth and scale.

Output - 1)Accurate rescaled jpeg, png, tiff for normal binary stream

             2) vector format - including ASCII stream for low bandwidth (cellular use)

                SWF for Flash use, Illustrator File , or EPS

Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) for XML and FlashLite use

Batch file available

Having the Best Vectorizing Tool means

Accurate defined XML Objects,elements for libraries and library creation.
Both Data and Picture Objects in the same XML tree
Achieve better Intelligent Character Recognition Rates (ability to control both ends)
Convert for better Web Tablet Performance (Better Trace for Handwriting)
Vectorize first, then import as SVG - logos, graphics, or photos for editing in Adobe Illustrator

Having the Best Graphic CleanUp Tool means
Accurate defined XML Objects for libraries
Improved OCR (after V-Loop conversion back to raster)
Better ICR rates (after V-Loop conversion back to raster)
Better Web Tablet Performance (Define minimum mark)
Multiple numerical simultaneous erase function

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