VectaVision inc. is a technology development company located in Southern California and founded based on the premise that the exchange of data, image, video, animation and other media content across all digital networks will undergo dramatic structural change over the next few years.

VectaVision inc technology is designed with the sole purpose of providing the underlying software solutions that support this radical change. "Intelligent" image elements combined with networking and security, will alter the way the internet and networks are used in the next few years.

VectaVision strives to become the leading provider of products and services that empower organizations to become more efficient by optimizing otherwise unmanageable and often insecure content within their network applications and then to take advantage of the new evolving technologies. As a result, VectaVision™ clients experience user interaction and increased productivity at all levels of their organization.

For example, by designing market specific variations of VectaVision modules, clients can implement software that converts from the desktop computer or other display device into personalized content, plus transparent tools, to where ever their daily lives require. This user oriented and market driven philosophy is at the forefront of all VectaVision market solutions and tool sets. By developing around accepted and open industry standards, VectaVision™ software initially translates existing standards through an automated process. Next, with proprietary optimization techniques, VectaVision creates a new generation of integrated data that is of a higher quality, scaleable, and maximizes bandwidth utilization.

The VectaVision Engine inputs digital images (jpg, gif, png, TIFF, BMP) and outputs SVG and other vector formats

What is SVG? SVG is a vector format that describes XML elements in images as shapes, paths, text, filter effects, and animation via DOM (Document Object Models}. As with any vector format, the resulting files are compact, and users can magnify their view of an SVG image onscreen without sacrificing sharpness, detail, or clarity. The elements created within these pictures turn these pictures into "useful or "intelligent" images In addition, SVG provides superior support for text and colors.

FlashLite- Multimedia Flash presentation engine with SVG-T (Tiny) playback capabilities.

JMobile - SVG based Human Machine Interface runs on virtually any mobile device, including PCs, cell phones and PDAs.

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